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Dispute resolution

$3,300 (incl. GST)

Service Description

This service gives you access to a family law lawyer who will assist you in establishing parenting arrangements or settling your financial affairs. It is the first step towards resolving the family law issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship.

How it works
  1. Undergo our comprehensive interview process, either on your own or with the help of a lawyer.
  2. Get advice within one business day.
  3. Your lawyer begins negotiating on your behalf within one business day.
What is included
  1. Ongoing advice and communication.
  2. Meaningful negotiations with the opposing party.
  3. Taking instructions
  4. Consent orders, if your matter settles
  5. Attending to filing and service.
What is not included
  1. Interim hearings.
  2. Case assessment or mediation conferences.
  3. Counsel's fees.
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