Divorce Lawyer Melbourne

Finding a divorce lawyer in Melbourne has never been easier.  At Swiftly Legal, we offer Australia’s first on-demand legal advice service.  This service is offered via our unique, web-based platform.  It’s available 24/7 and provides Legal advice on a broad range of family law matters including property, divorce, parenting and spousal maintenance.  No commitments required.  Just high quality legal advice available to you 24/7.  Welcome to the future of family law.

Our on-demand legal service provide the same standard of legal advice you would expect from a divorce lawyer in Melbourne.  The secret lies in our expert systems technology.  Each questionnaire is programmed with the knowledge of the basic legal principles relevant to your circumstances.  It will provide you with basic information concerning matters such as the division of matrimonial property, parenting arrangements for your children or whether you or your ex-partner are required to pay for spousal/de facto maintenance.

So don’t waste time playing phone tag with every divorce lawyer in Melbourne. Access our online, on-demand legal advice service and discover your lawful entitlements. If you decide that you’re ready to move forward with your family law matter, one of our divorce lawyers in Melbourne will contact you to discuss the next steps. Our legal services are highly efficient, affordable and customer service oriented.

In fact, we estimate that by using our services, you’ll save at least 50% on your legal bill. We are able to achieve such savings for our clients through our unique business processes. Our streamlined and optimally efficient workflows enable us to outperform the competition in both costs and time saved.

So, before you consider hiring a divorce lawyer in Melbourne, we strongly recommend setting aside less than 2 minutes to make use of our on-demand, online legal services. You’ll be glad you did it.